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Welcome to Franklin Properties, LLC.


Office space for rent in Appleton, Wisconsin. Grow your company in our commercial property located in the heart of the city! Whether you work alone, own a startup, or have a small business, we have Appleton office space that will fit your needs. We take pride in an easy leasing process, prompt customer service, convenient amenities and stellar property management.

Additional benefits include online advertising and more!

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Tenant Spotlight

Presence & Company -development agency to help nonprofits
Lyssa Schmidt 0Presence & Company Development Company


At Presence&Company Development Agency, our mission is to deliver impactful fundraising stories into the hands of every nonprofit we meet. Stories take your nonprofit to the next level. We love hearing stories as children because it’s how we relate with the world. When something feels familiar, we are comfortable supporting it. Stories effectively re-energize a nonprofit’s fundraising strategy and help to establish funding for years to come. We work with many small and startup nonprofits to kickstart their funding and establish the foundation for future growth. The first step is often a Case for Support and grants calendar, which grows year after year. A case for support is a communication tool that tells the story of your organization, sharing emotional stories while also explaining exactly how you serve your mission. 


Grant funding is a long-term strategy, and if you start out with a strong foundation, you’ll pave the way for future success. That said, as a nonprofit, your organization needs various tools and strategies in order to succeed.  As a grassroots organization ourselves, we understand that your nonprofit team is wearing many hats and striving to achieve a diverse funding portfolio. We can step in to provide tools, consulting, and support with many fundraising strategies from crowdfunding to corporate sponsorship, event sponsorship and promotion, social media and email marketing, blog writing and more.


We have many ongoing clients, and some that have been around for years. We are thrilled to be a part of their growth. As an example of growth, here is one client’s success with grants thanks to our work: In 2020, we raised $60,000 in grants; In 2021, we raised $90,000 in grants; and our 2022 goal is $120,000. I am so excited to share that alongside the success of our clients, the Presence&Company team has grown during 2022 to include a fundraising assistant, project manager and additional grant writer. Together, we are an amazing development team for many nonprofits, who are busy doing the work while we are manning the fundraising efforts.


Presence&Company is my heart and soul. I was inspired to do this work after my first daughter was born, just days before my then 3-year-old nephew was diagnosed with cancer. These life changing events cause one to pause and reflect on the meaning of life, and for me that lead to what I was spending my time on and how I was shaping the world. Now, I embrace my purpose: to make a difference for nonprofit organizations through my storytelling and writing talents. I truly want to make a difference for your organization, and compelling writing is my way to do that. I love to learn about nonprofits stories and look forward to helping as many as I can into the future and beyond. 

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Our Building

If you want a clean, quiet and professional office space for lease in Appleton, WI, we are here for you. As locals, we know this is a great place to grow a business and be part of a thriving community.

​With the lower level suite for a long-term lease, you’ll enjoy three private offices. There is also a reception area, kitchenette in the breakroom, restroom, and a spacious conference room for meetings. The high ceilings make the space open and inviting.

​There is also an upper level, single office available for short term use: hourly, daily or weekly. And with all of the general traffic outside, your business receives free exposure all day, every day! Onsite signage and advertising opportunities are also available.

​Plus, we include ALL utilities, common area maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, and on-site parking!

Our Tenants

Designing Life’s Journey Wealth & Tax Services | If you want your business to thrive, we’d love to talk to you! We build customized strategies to help you become more profitable while building personal wealth and preserving the lifestyle you desire.

​Practical Safety and Health Solutions, LLC | Industrial Hygienist who focuses on general industry and construction businesses with the goal of helping them create a safe workplace specifically for OSHA compliance.

​Bob Lahde Jr. | Edward Jones Advisor. When you work with Edward Jones, you have an entire team behind you who cares as much about why you’re investing as what you invest in.

Unity Recovery Services | Founded in 2018, Unity Recovery Services is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to create opportunities for individuals in and seeking recovery from addiction and behavioral health issues.

Appleton Events

We love our local community and want to let you know about the various Appleton events happening in the near future!

​There are many exciting things happening here and in the local area. In fact, Appleton events include all kinds of festivals, farmer’s markets, special performances, holiday showcases, and more.

You’ll find fun activities for all ages so that you and your family members can spend some quality time together. There are also new and exciting things to do with your friends and romantic events for date night.

​Check this page for upcoming concerts, children’s activities, fairs, and more!

Our commitment to our tenants…

You deserve a welcoming environment that is enjoyable to work in, inviting to your clients and conducive to building a strong business.

​After all, thriving businesses create vibrant, energetic workplaces, so we want to help our tenants succeed. On an ongoing basis, we will help you find ways to increase your visibility downtown and promote your businesses and events through this website and future exterior signage.

Our commitment to our community…

We also value the importance of being a supportive partner with hour neighbors and community. We are active in our community by offering community events and meeting space for non-profits.​

CONTACT US to book a meeting space or to have your event advertised on this site.